It’s summer, the best time to drink water!

During summer months, staying hydrated becomes very important in preventing dehydration and heat stroke. Encouraging water consumption is essential for the health and well-being of young campers.

Take the Tchin-Tchin Challenge in my camp

For the second week of July, campers are invited to take on the Tchin-Tchin Challenge in my camp with their camp counselors. Like the school Challenge of the same name, the Tchin-Tchin Challenge in my camp aims to promote healthy hydration by encouraging, regulating and valuing water consumption among youths throughout the day.

This is a Weight Coalition initiative in collaboration with the Power Up Foundation.

From July 5th to 9th 2021, it’s the Tchin-tchin Challenge in my camp

Nearly 400 camps and more than 25,000 campers will participate in the Tchin-tchin Challenge in my camp! 

Watch the wave of water consumption promotion taking place at camps in Quebec and Ontario! Which region will have the most Tchin-tchin this year? 

Recommendations of the Association des camps du Québec

Here are a few recommendations to ensure the safety of campers during the Tchin-tchin Challenge in my camp:

  • Favor the individual water bottle.
  • It is forbidden to drink directly at the drinking stations/always use a water bottle.
  • Do not pile up campers’ personal belongings: Define specific areas (identify each camper’s location for the week).
  • Ensure a 1-metre space between participants and a 2-metre space between participants and the staff. Organize the physical environment to maintain theses distances between all individuals.
  • Disinfect tables, chairs, small benches, playgrounds, washrooms (adult and child), doorknobs, switches, faucets and any other relevant areas or equipment with a disinfectant that is usually used, at least three times a day or more depending on the number of people using the area.
    • This recommendation applies to water fountains.

For more details on the sanitary guidelines to follow, we refer you to the Guide de relance des camps en contexte COVID-19 of the Association des camps du Québec available at:


Download your tools !

Before the Challenge

Course of the Tchin-Tchin Challenge in my camp

Promotional posters :

Letter templates for:

Offer tips to parents so they can also participate at home!

After the Challenge

Keep the Challenge alive with the Tchin-Tchin Squad or by any other means of promoting water consumption. Get inspired by using the Tchin-tchin in my camp Handbook!

To valorize water fountains at camps, download and print freely posters in our City section.

Discover complementary tools for valuing water

A camp encouraging water consumption

Your environment influences your behavior. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the camps environment is conducive to regular water consumption. There are several ways to make water more visible and attractive to children in camps.

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The ideal animation team

You are an inspiring role model for campers, they will observe you and they will imitate you!  By promoting water, you help prevent dehydration and improve the healthy lives of children. Learn how to be a  role model for healthy hydration.

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