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Environmental surrounding can influence community inhabitants and their lifestyle choices.  This is why water should be noticeable and readily available in public places as well as municipal  buildings and their respective events.

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I am Thirsty for Health in my municipality

Designed in partnership with the CISSS (Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux) from the Lanaudière and cross-sectorial region of the Plateau lanaudois the I am thirsty for health initiative in my municipality aims at promoting water consumption in public places along with identifying free water access points for their residence.  Additionally the objective was to make water supply more appealing by enhancing water fountains in making them more attractive for everyday use.

To participate, municipal institutions, businesses, and surrounding local communities are invited to:

  1. Display water pictogram signage in their doors and windows indicating to residents where they can access drinking water for free;
  2. Establish a network of free water access points for residence, and make it available via the online map;
  3. Promote the use of water fountains by adopting the six promotional posters, or get inspired by the tools available that provide ideas for enchancing municipal water.
  4. Offer or highlight non-bottled water source in places, parks, parties and public events.

Tools: printable or to order

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In Kamouraska, thanks to a collaboration with Cosmoss Kamouraska and the CISSS Bas-Saint-Laurent, new bike racks are now wearing the colors of the I’m thirsty for health campaign! to promote water consumption. Join their movement!

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Municipality encouraging water consumption

Here is an info graph illustrating the winning conditions in becoming a model municipality.


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Ideas to promote water consumption

A strategy that includes making water access points more visible and attractive is sure to capture and improve the interest of residences.


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To learn more about this initiative or to order the tools
For the Lanaudière region, contact:

Geneviève Filteau, Promotional Health Advisor
CISSS Lanaudière

450 755-5227 extension 4755

For other regions of Québec, contact :

Charlène Blanchette, Project Manager forThirsty for Health!
Coalition Poids

514-598-8058 extension 230

Take it one step further, check out the resolution templates for adoptions

Tools were developed by the Weight Coalition to help with implementing encouraging surroundings for healthy lifestyles.

Among these, specific tools aim to build municipal environments that create healthy hydration:

To download the tools and discover other resolution templates to help promote the health of community residence visite

What does the goverment say about promoting water in municipalities?

The Quebec Water Strategy  of Ministry of sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change aims to promote water sustainability. To achieve this, its goal is to reduce the use of single-use plastics  and enhance the water consumption from local water supplies. This policy encourages municipalities to install and promote water fountains along with their use. This measure aims to protect Quebec’s water and reduce the environmental impact of production and residual management of single-use plastic containers.

According to the Ministry of Health’s eating Well Vision to create environments that promote healthy food choices, expects municipalities’ food supply to be of better quality than those offered in restaurants. Therefore, municipalities should mainly offer food products of higher nutritional value (says Daily Foods) and should they provide some common foods products (aliments d’occasion) which are moderate in nutritional value, they should prohibit any food or beverages that are low in nutritional value, like sugary drinks.

In addition, the Government’s Health Prevention Policy’s objective is that, by 2025, 90%  municipalities with 1000 inhabitants and more will take specific actions with regards to healthy lifestyle habits. Some of those actions could possibly be: making drinking water free, more accessible and attractive in municipal events, parks and buildings as well as avoiding supplying sugary drinks in public places. These are preferred initiatives to promote healthy hydration.

Working towards these themes is aligned with other municipal responsibilities regarding the quality of drinking water and water sources preservation.