Healthy hydrations habits, starts early!

Healthy water drinking habits can be acquired from a very early childhood. At the age of six months, we can give small amounts of water to babies.

Take the Rigol’eau Challenge (Tchin-Tchin for Toddlers)

During the third week of March, along with the Canadian Water Week, is also when Tchin-tchin Challenge starts in elementary schools. To help promote water consumption, we invite you to take part in this festive challenge with your toddlers.

Download our tools:


Download our tools

A childcare service that promotes water consumption

Encourage children to ask for water regularly, one must promote its value and make it more accessible.

Use this graph for inspiration.

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Exemplary Educators

As members of the educator personnel or if you are responsible for Daycare services, you play a key role in developing healthy hydration habits. You are a source of inspiration! Discover how to be a role -model of healthy hydration.

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Other ressources to discover

The initiative of the organisation Extenso, the center or reference in nutrition for toddlers also offers tools for a healthy hydration on their website

What does the government say about water in Daycares?

The Gazelle and Potiron referenced framework, from the Ministère of Families, states that educational Daycares services must:

  • favours milk and water for regular child consumption;
  • encourage children to drink water and help promote optimal hydration;
  • provide access to water for children at all times.