The principal beverage at home, water

Water is the healthiest beverage; unfortunately it is rarely the drink of choice for young children, as it seems they prefer sweet and flavoured beverages instead. You can help your child appreciate the value of water and it’s health advantages and to create the necessary reflexes to choose it more often to quench their thirst.

The Tchin-tchin Challenge and the Mr. FunWater Challenge

For the Canadian Water Week, during the third week of March, Elementary Schools highlight the importance of consuming water during the Tchin-Tchin Challenge. Daycares and CPEs did this similarly during the Mr. FunWater Challenge, which was an adapted version for young children.

During these fun Challenges, children bring water along in their lunches, participate in educational activities and toast together to help increase the value of drinking water together.

How can my child participate?

Invite your child’s daycare or school to discover the Challenge site and all the other resources available at

Your child eats lunch at home? You can easily participate! During the Water Week, serve the entire family water at the beginning of your meals and participate in the Tchin-tchin together. This simple festive gesture is meant to promote the value  of water consumption at mealtimes. At the end of the Challenge, reward your child with a personalized participation certificate.

Free water, at your fingertips!

When you are away from home it’s not always easy to find water to quench your thirst. To help you find places where you can access free drinking water while you’re out and about, check out the maps below.

Find a water source

Download our promotional water tools for at home use

A house that promotes the value of water consumption

It is possible to make simple gestures that stimulate a child’s thought process to consume water more often.

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A few ideas to help increase water consumption

Get inspirited by these ideas to help develop tasty water options for your family and encourage healthier choices.

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Sugary drinks are not for everyday!

Consuming sugary drinks on a daily basis has been associated with a multitude of health issues. Avoid drinking these beverages, especially on a daily basis. Make more room for water products and minimize the space for sugar drinks (punches or fruity cocktails, iced teas, soft drinks, flavoured dairy products, slushes, etc.) and juices, is a successful health strategy. Many healthy alternatives exist which can guide you  in slowly eliminating the consumption of sugary drinks at home.

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