Healthy hydration, aid for success!

Take the Tchin-Tchin Challenge

During the third week of March and during Canadian Water Week, preschool and elementary school students are invited to take part in the Tchin-tchin Challenge along with Day are staff and  lunch time supervisors. In addition to promoting water and developing healthy water knowledge, the Challenge goes along at lunchtime accompanied with water and toasting all together.

The period of registration for the 2019 Tchin-tchin Challenge is currently over. Would you like to participate anyway? Feel free to use our tools to help promote water consumption in your school.

Do you have kindergarten children ages 4-5 years old?  Then we’d like to invite you to check out our  Rigol’eau Challenge material,  which is adaptable.

The Tchin-tchin Challenge is a joint initiative between the Quebec Weight Coalition and the Quebec Association of Daycare

Download the Tchin-Tchin Challenge tools

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Before the Challenge
During the challenge
  • Tchin-Tchin Activity kit

Healthy Hydration                  Active games about themed water


After the Challenge

Keep the Challenge alive with Tchin-tchin Champions or use any other means you can to  help promote water consumption. Use the Tchin-Tchin Challenge Activity Kit for inspiration.

Des outils complémentaires pour valoriser l’eau

A school promoting water consumption

To help children develop a water reflex to consumption it regularly, it should be easily accessible in schools at all times. There are several ways to make water visible and enticing to students.

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Be a model team

Children learn a lot from adults who matter to them the most.  As school team members or management, your actions and words are inspirational. Discover how to be a healthy hydration role-model .

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Resolution template for governing boards

To help the school set up a school environment conducive to healthy hydration, a resolution model is available for school councils. This one can be adapted to reflect the reality of each environment.

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Since 2007, the Policy Framework for a Healthy Change in School aims, among other things, to “ensure that the food supply under the responsibility of the school community promotes the adoption of healthy eating habits”.

This policy states that schools are required to provide nutritious beverages and to eliminate beverages with added sugar and soft drinks that contain a sugar substitute (diets).

Also, in the accompanying Application Guide the Policy Framework, the Department of Health and Social Services indicates that functional and safe water fountains must be “available in or near the dining rooms to allow students to hydrate themselves at the facility. meal time and throughout the day “, and this, in sufficient numbers.

School health change, 10 years later

Published in 2017, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Policy Framework for a Healthy Change in School, this report presents the findings and recommendations of the Coalition Poids with respect to the supply of beverages in Québec schools. , including water.

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