The I’m Thirsty for Health! Campaign is a Quebec Weight Coalition (Coalition Poids) initiative of which their purpose is to promote healthy hydration by encouraging, and regulating water intake in children which provides value to their health and well-being. Decision-makers and adults involved with children to which they play, learn and live are invited to be their inspiration by acting as role models for healthy hydration, by making water available and more appealing to drink.

Many of our partners participated in the development of educational tools and assisted with the campaign deployment within a verity of youth circles. For example, the Tchin-Tchin Challenge was created jointly with the Quebec Association of School Daycare and then adapted for the summer camps in collaboration with the Shape-Up Foundation.

The reason behind this campaign is to respond to the ever-growing problem of overconsumption of sugary drinks among the Quebec population, especially with young children.  The marketing of sugary drinks and their exposure to them is constant throughout our daily lives hindering the availability and consumption of water. I am thirsty for health! encourages children to increase their water consumption and provides ways to improve ones environment by taking small steps in promoting healthy hydration habits that will contribute to sustainable health for all.

Let’s build an environment where water is the most valuable drink for our kids!

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